Ukrainian Philatelic Association / Officially / Regional exhibition "Zacarpathil-2019". Dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Carpathian Ukraine.

Regional exhibition "Zacarpathil-2019". Dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Carpathian Ukraine.

Regulations of the regional exhibition "Zakarpatfil-2019", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Carpathian Ukraine.


  1. General Provisions.


1.1. The exhibition organizers are:

Transcarpathian Regional Administration

Transcarpathian Regional Society of Philatelists and M., F. Fekete of the Ukrainian Association of Philatelists

Kiev Society of Philatelists (collective member of AsFU)

Transcarpathian Directorate UGPPS "Ukrpochta"


1.2. The exhibition will be held from March 15 to March 18, 2019 in the premises of the regional state administration Uzhgorod, Sq. Folk 4


1.3. The Organizing Committee of the exhibition (hereinafter the Organizing Committee) accepts applications at:

Uzhgorod Post Office, 1 a / s and 69, Tel: 050 / 335-23-05, 063 / 146-90-40 or 099 / 028-97-00.



1.4. Sponsorship and patronage of the exhibition can be provided by any organization, institution, economic unit of all kinds, as well as by patrons of art who contribute to the establishment of the image of Ukraine in the world through the popularization of philately.


1.5. The exclusive right to use the logo of the exhibition and the production of any promotional materials dedicated to philistyists, belongs to the Organizing Committee.


  1. Conditions of participation in the philatelic exhibition.


2.1. Exhibitors (hereinafter - exhibitors) may be members of the Association of Philatelists

Ukraine and other philatelists, who have the corresponding exhibit, as well as foreign philatelists,

invited by the Organizing Committee. Preference is given to exhibits of Transcarpathian subjects,


2.2. Participation in the exhibition is free.


2.3. No more than four exhibits from one person are allowed to participate in the exhibition.


2.4. Exhibitors can participate in the exhibition, whose own exhibits will be on display.

first. Such exhibits are admitted to the competition class by decision of the Organizing Committee.


  1. Classification of exhibits by competition classes


The exhibition will display and evaluate exhibits in the following classes:


3.1. Traditional philately.


3.2. Mail history.


3.3. Subject philately.


3.4. One stand and exhibits.


3.5. Open class


3.6. Youth class (birth certificate attached to the exhibit): 2 exponents aged 10-21 years.


3.7. Class philatelic literature catalogs and books


3.8. Class cardmaximum.


3.9. Non-competitive class.


  1. Submission of applications for participation in the exhibition and presentation of exhibits


4.1. Applications for participation in the exhibition are submitted to the Organizing Committee or are submitted personally to one of the members of the Organizing Committee until 05.03. 2019 Attached to the application are copies of the title page of the exhibit. Entries that will arrive later than the deadline will be satisfied only if there are free stands. 3A selection of exhibits in the competition classes corresponds to the Organizing Committee


4.2. After consideration by the Organizing Committee of the submitted applications, each exhibitor will receive confirmation

to 10.032019, on the admission or rejection of the declared exhibit.


4.3. The exhibits accepted at the exhibition must be delivered to the Organizing Committee no later than March 14, 2019.


4.4. Each exhibit should have a title page on which the name of the exhibit is presented with an abstract and plan, and the name and the name of the owner of the exhibit can also be indicated.


4.5. Philatelic materials should be securely attached to the exhibition sheets, and the sheet itself should be protected by a transparent colorless film. Its serial number should be indicated in the lower left corner on the front side and on the back. In addition, the name of the exhibit, the surname, initials and address are written in pencil on the back of each sheet.


4.6. All texts must be written in Ukrainian or in one of the official languages ​​of the full name.

(English, German, French, Russian)


4.7. Exhibition sheets should be enclosed in envelopes or folders by the number of stands (one stand - 16 sheets). On the envelope or folder you need to specify the number of the stand and the number of sheets in it. .


4.8. Each exhibitor must safely pack their exhibit and send it to the valuable

a parcel with a return receipt, which is returned to the exhibitor after the exhibit is received by the Organizing Committee.


4.9. Each exhibit is accompanied by a description of a specific sample in duplicate.


4.10. Exhibits of competition classes should be placed on:


4.10.1. Class 341. - 5 stands.


4.10.2. Class 3.2., 343. and at 3-5 stands,


4.10.3. Class 3.44 - on one stand


4.10.4. Class 3.5. and on 5 stands.


4.10.5 Class 3.6 - at 2-5 stands.


4.11. Exhibits that do not meet the requirements of paragraph 4.10. of this Regulation, to exhibiting and evaluation in competitive classes are not allowed.


4.12. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to display the exhibits in full, in part or not at all, but all accepted exhibits will be provided in full. To evaluate the jury


4.13. The cost of delivery of the exhibit to the Organizing Committee is borne by its owner, and the return is made at the expense of the Organizing Committee within two weeks after the end of the exhibition.


4.14. Literary class exhibits are sent to the Organizing Committee in two copies and not

subject to return to exhibitors.


4.15 The Organizing Committee is responsible for the preservation


4.15 The Organizing Committee is responsible for the safety of the exhibits from the moment they are received for shipment to the owner.


4.16. Without the consent of the Organizing Committee, the exhibit cannot be removed from the exhibition until the exhibition closes.

During the exhibition is not allowed to make any changes to the exhibits.


  1. Evaluation of exhibits and exhibition awards


5.1. The evaluation of the exhibits and the award of awards is carried out by a jury that approves the Organizing Committee,

according to the Regulations and rules of FSH according to the criteria of the exhibition category.


5.2. The decision of the jury is final and not subject to revision.


5.34 The jury has the right to make changes to the declared qualifications of exhibitors, transferring them to another competition class.


5.4. At the end of the exhibition, the jury members meet with all interested exhibitors where they analyze the exhibits.


5.5. For exhibitors of all competition classes the following awards are provided:

  1. a) medals of the rank of gold, large gilded, gilded, large silver, silver, silver and bronze
  2. b) diplomas


5.6. The best exhibit with the most points will receive a Grand Prix.


5.7. To award the best exhibits there are special prizes provided by various organizations, institutions and individual benefactors.


5.8. The best exhibit, which will be marked by visitors to the exhibition, will receive the Audience Award.


5.9. Each exhibitor otrimae `free catalog, evaluation sheet and Palmares.


  1. Final provisions


6.1. The program of the exhibition, daily routine and opening hours are approved by the Organizing Committee.


6.2. Exhibition attendance is free.


6.3. By signing the application for participation in the exhibition, the exhibitor thereby confirms knows the requirements of these Regulations and undertakes to fulfill them unconditionally


6.4. At the exhibition, trade and exchange of materials is prohibited, only postal kiosks and other institutions have the right to sell, with the written consent of the Organizing Committee.


6.5. All visitors to the exhibition must comply with the rule of law and must unconditionally comply with the orders of the security service.


6.6. All other issues not regulated by these Regulations are decided by the Organizing Committee of the exhibition.